Pam’s Next Book: Contents May Have Shifted

What’s new? Pam has a book coming in early 2012 from W.W. Norton called Contents May Have Shifted.

According to LitSeen, Pam’s new novel “consists of 144 very short chapters, of which 132 are named with a place, and the other 12 take place “no place, in the sky, on an airplane.” You can view a video of Pam reading at The Rumpus, and read several excerpts from the book.

Here are a few more recent articles about Pam.

First Friday Author Feature: Pam Houston (paper-pencil-pen)

Superstition Review interview with Pam


7 thoughts on “Pam’s Next Book: Contents May Have Shifted

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  2. Heard you on KBOO last night while I was cleaning my house and had to stop and do nothing while you read from your new collection, “Contents May Have Shifted.” Thanks for a great break from my drudgery.

  3. I’m loving Contents May Have Shifted (ARC), and I’ll certainly be putting it into the hands of my customers, as well as shelving it in our “staff picks” section. Your books are always a pleasure to read!

    Now, a request: It would be lovely if you could include a link to alongside the one to Amazon here on your website. Indiebound can connect book lovers with independent bookstores where they can shop either in person or online.

    Thanks, and best of luck — if you ever make your way through Virginia, and would like to do a signing, please let me know; we’d love to have you!

    Anne DeVault
    Owner, Over the Moon Bookstore & Artisan Gallery (and fellow Denisonian, ’82)
    5798 Three Notch’d Rd.
    Crozet, VA 22932

    • You bet, Anne. Now that I am understanding more and more about how this whole electronic world works I feel really strongly about putting indiebound up there and will send my webmaster an email tonight asking her to do it. Independent bookstores have given me my career, and as you know, my publisher is also a big fan. Great idea. I hope I get to Virginia one of these days…Pam

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