Author Houston lives and writes fearlessly (Sacramento Bee)

Contents May Have ShiftedHere’s an excerpt from a recent article about Pam that appeared in the Sacramento Bee by Allen Pierleoni.

It’s easy to confuse author Pam Houston with the “other Pam,” the one she created as the “fearless narrator” of her upcoming new novel, “Contents May Have Shifted.” As with most of her fiction, it’s highly autobiographical (“Everything begins with autobiography,” she has observed). Also, both Pams live in nearly perpetual motion, driven by the need to move through the world and be open to the changes it can bring.

Over the years, Houston has logged countless air miles getting to and from five continents – much like the other Pam. She recently returned from Mongolia and the Gobi Desert – a 50th birthday trip to herself – where “I got bitten by a dog and my hand turned black.” Her cellphone message says, “I must be traveling in a place where there are no cells, so please leave a message.”

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One thought on “Author Houston lives and writes fearlessly (Sacramento Bee)

  1. I read that article and have been tweeting and facebooking it and emailing it to friends. I loved the outlook on living a good, writerly life. It was just what I needed to read as I look towards the new year.

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