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If you require TIFFs, please contact info [at] mediaegg [dot] com. You can access Pam’s bio here. Please note that all photographs should be credited to Adam Karsten. 

All photographs should be credited to Adam Karsten.


One thought on “Press Kit

  1. Dear Mrs. Houston,
    My name is Marni Freedman. I am a writer, editor, writing coach and instructor. I have a movie produced by Disney, Playing Mona Lisa, and I am currently writing my frist book (besides ghost writing!).
    I found Cowboys are My Weakness years ago and it is the one book that I have traveled with wherever I have roamed. It helped me shape my own voice and gave me courage to risk as a writer. So thank you, thank you for that. Also, I often utilize your books as required reading in my classes at UCSD.

    The book I am writing is called:
    A 7 Step Guide to a First Draft
    For Beginners
    A simple, step by step guide to brainstorming, outlining, selecting ideas for marketability and swiftly writing your first draft at your highest level possible.

    The four questions I would ask you- and you could just e-mail back the responses would be the following. (Your responses would go along some noted authors – you would be in good company!)
    1) Is there any way that you mentally or physically prepare to write a first draft?
    2) What techniques do you most employ/utilize when you sit down to write the first draft of a novel?
    3) What advice would you give a beginning writer who is sitting down to write their first draft?
    4) What is the toughest part of a first draft and how do you get past it?

    This is such an honor for me,

    Marni Freedman

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